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MEGA is an annual public event offering activities centered around the theme of games. Its second edition will be held from November 9 to 11, 2018, at Bonsecours Market. This exhibition will feature various studios from Montréal and around the world to provide visibility to developers and raise awareness for the gaming scene.

If you want to try to win a free pod (limited quantity) ! Register your game and your compagny here.

Show your game at MEGA!

November 8, 2018: booth set-up
November 9, 2018: half-day exhibition & arcade 1pm to 6pm
November 10, 2018: exhibition & arcade 10 am to 6pm + Party @ Night (18+)
November 11, 2018: exhibition & arcade 10am to 6pm


Includes space, tables, power outlet, backdrop (black drapes)

For a preview, click on the name.


Name Type Size Price Badges
Rookie Pod Arcade zone only 100 CAD$ None
Novice-Sold out Pod Quarter 6' x 6' pod 250 CAD$ 2x exh. badges
Adventurer-Sold out Pod Half 6'x 6' pod 500 CAD$ 4x exh. badges
Hero Booth 10 x 10' 1500 CAD$ 5x exh. badges
Champion Booth 10' x 20' 2500 CAD$ 7x exh. badges
Legend Booth 20' x 20' 4000 CAD$ 10x exh. badges
Epic Booth >20' x 20' -- Contact us!

If you want to insure a place for MEGA, you can reserved a booth while make a application for a free pod. The cost of the booth will be refund if you win the free pod.

If you have any question, please contact any of us : contact@mega-mtl.com

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